Welcome to turtlebait.com, Nate Currie’s home on the Intarwebs. Yeah, that’s me over there on the left. Anyway, click around and drop me a line if you’d like.

So, this is the new Turtlebait. The previous design was just too lame. I did it years ago and it was never meant to be long-term. Additionally, the old site was pretty barren. Intended to maybe grow into something bigger, it never had enough content to really justify its existence.

The new site is just a jumping-off point for my other ventures: a brand new blog for writing whatever comes to mind, a new portfolio, and some updated links.

I suppose I should say something about the new design. It was inspired by the simplicity of the international standards for paper sizes (ISO 216). Just as we Americans are the only morons still using the ass-backwards Imperial measuring system rather than the more sensible Metric system, our system of paper sizes is equally wack, in stark contrast to the elegant and efficient International system.

Oh, and the sardines. They’re the turtle-bait. I guess turtles really dig sardines.